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Great App, Though Flawed

It’s a very intuitive app that I’ve abandoned the original OverDrive app completely for. When playing audiobooks it has a habit of crashing though, and I see the Retry screen more than any other. But it’s fantastic for getting a book quickly to my Kindle.

Great but seems to drain the battery

I would give it five stars except it seems to use more battery than the old OverDrive app used. In both cases I download the books to my phone, and then just listen. Libby seems to want to be connected to the Internet, and I’m guessing that’s draining the battery. I’ve only been using it for three days, so we’ll see. I was frustrated with OverDrive Because I couldn’t figure out how to load a second library card. I was able to do that in Libby and now successfully access another library and a whole bunch more books. Very happy with that! It has crashed twice. I trust the developers will only make it better. I’ll stick with it. Love that I can filter more easily to only look for audiobooks. Love that preference option is a saved setting.


Simple, intuitive, and fast- a tremendous improvement from the old Overdrive app.




One of the best apps I own!! Pastor Bart Baril


Very easy to use, no problems with playback. Makes commuting so much more enjoyable.

The Case For Grace

Excellent! Uplifting! Interesting from open to close!

Love Libby but they need to fix autodownload

Suddenly you have to choose between kindle and ePub for more books and that seems to stop auto download. Is there a way to set your preferences for autodownload to ePub?. Kindle download is just too much work. I prefer using Libby or overdrive to read my books.

Happy Reader

Fast and easy to navigate


I loved using Libby until a few days ago. It already had a couple of issues...It didn't sync with my other devices correctly but that wasn't a deal breaker. At least that was the case until a couple of days ago. I usually read on my iPad and with this new update the orientation is all messed up! When I pick up the iPad and the orientation changes Libby does not change back to the correct format. Closing and reopening the app doesn't fix it for me. I have to go into settings and change a line spacing or other setting to get the format back and then go back in and change it back to my original setting. VERY annoying!! I don't want to read half page double columns while in the vertical orientation. I guess I will go back to overdrive and hope they get Libby fixed soon.

Works great, when it works

I love being able to download the library books. Looking up the books is a continuing problem. “Can Not Load List” errors makes browsing for new books difficult.

Nice app

This loan system is a nice way to motivate the readers to find time for reading so that the rented book can be finished on time.

Excellent app

I am so impressed with this app on multiple levels. 1. The ease and capability of the library integration. 2. The audio player and its controls are so well designed and intuitive. 3. I haven't used the ebook reader portion much, but the experience so far has been as good or better as the iPhone Kindle app. I love it! Keep up the great work, Overdrive team!

Doesn’t play audiobooks when iPhone sleeps

I updated a few days ago and just opened today to find that the audiobook only plays while the app is actively open instead of playing in the background as it did before. It’s now useless for audiobook listening. :(

Great for on-the-go reading

I love this app. I love to read but sometimes it’s really inconvenient to carry around a dozen books. I use the website version of Overdrive, an app that is connected with this one, on my computer for school so I always have my novels. Libby is one of most used apps on my phone because while most sit around playing games in their phone I’m reading an extremely interesting novel.


Can’t access my Holds from iPhone. Can’t Hold more than 10 - which is ridiculous when popular books put you 67 on the waitlist and use up one of you Hold slots. Libby is better than overdrive - but needs LOTS of improvements PLEASE!

Love Libby!

I love everything about this app! The layout, selection, ease of use. Everything. The wait times for some books can be a little long, but I love that I can place something on hold and have it automatically loaned to me when it becomes available. I also appreciate the email letting me know it’s been added to my loans. You can return books early if you finish them before the due date or they’ll be automatically returned if you forget. Which is perfect because there are no fines to worry about. Overall great app. Would highly recommend


I love this app! I have many (many!) library cards to take advanced of multiple overdrives. This has all the features I wish overdrive had. If you borrow from a library this is a must have.

Lobby’s awesome!

I love listening to my audio books on Libby! It’s so easy to pick up the book I want, whether an audio or ebooks!


❤️LOVE❤️ ❤️LOVE❤️ ❤️LOVE❤️ this new companion to Overdrive! Well Done, Well Done!


This app is pure magic. I was already loving the option of always having my library book or audiobook with me (on my phone). Now I am also using it to get my legally blind 94-year-old mother library books for her kindle. This is a real treasure for any library lover. Very intuitive and user-friendly.

Great update to the Overdrive network!

I’ll keep this brief. I love this new app so much more than the old overdrive app with one exception. It is nice to be able to search your library while in he app, but it only lets you search one library. Even if you switch the library, it still only searches your first library. You have to go to safari, find and check out your book, then return to the app to download it. You should be able to either search all your libraries at the same time, or more easily switch between libraries. Fix this and my rating jumps to ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!!

Absolutely wonderful!

Libby makes Overdrive functional. I download a very few books on Overdrive and then quit. It was clunky to download and klunky to read. Libby fixes all of that, resulting in a Kindle-type experience. The search function could be strengthened, but that is my only mild criticism.

Love it, but last update caused a problem

I switched from Overdrive a few months ago, but since the last update a week or two ago, I've been having problems switching from upright to horizontal on my iPad. The pagination messes up and I have to close down the app and restart to fix it every time. Hope they fix this soon. It's aggravating.

Yes, but...

I love this app so much. It’s the best in the world for books. I understand that it’s like a library but online so why can’t you just get a copy. Without having to wait 6 weeks. Anyways, I love the audiobook option and will never delete this app.

A book lover’s must:)

I love this app. I love books and this app makes it so simple to get those books from the library! It doesn’t take the place of actually going to the library but it’s great when you can’t get there!

Libby Support & App : Excellent!

To anyone who has had issues or questions with the app, please be sure to reach out to their support team. I’ve had nothing but quick and courteous responses for each question and issue I have reported. I highly recommend this app!

Orange is the new black

Delightful. Intelligent and well-educated jail for a year.

Easy to use

I’m an avid hard cover book reader. Libby has changed me to an ebook reader. After trying a variety of book apps and returning to paper, this one is easy for me to check out library books AND read them. Searching libraries for books and check out is easy. Returning them is even easier. Setting up the page preferences is easy. Best app.

Libby for the win

No glitches. No crashes. Easy to use. Brilliantly designed. I have many library cards with many library systems and Libby gets it all in one place. I enjoy the recommendations and browsing on the app interface as well.

One of the best apps I have ever used

This is the first App Store review I’ve ever written — which tells you how much I love this app. The other Overdrive app is frustrating to use, but Libby is a sheer pleasure. It’s easy to find books, see the status (how long a wait I have), books are automatically checked out to me, I can easily send them to my kindle, i can easily switch libraries. The only feature I would change is to make it easier to do a search through different library networks so that I don’t have to redo my search. I would like to be able to more easily see if the book I want is available through a different library network. But seriously, props to the development team - the UI is intuitive and friendly and it’s a very pleasant experience.


New audio library is great.

Great App for reading

I love the ease of using this app. It makes it very easy to check out and manage your own shelf. The reader is great. Overall I am very happy with this app.

Great app

Ranks up top with me. Easy and quick way to obtain books and more. Loving it!

Love the interface

I love this interface, easy to use and nice aesthetic. The playback speed adjustment is a great feature. The timeline for sliding back and forth to different times is one of the easiest time seek features I’ve ever used. Good design work!

Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda

This book is a gem and one I thoroughly enjoyed! The angst of longing, self study, and doubt keep the swirl of emotional growth going against an adolescent backdrop with well developed characters. Now that it’s over, I’ll miss seeing them in my head.

Love this app! Please work out the bugs!

This app has allowed me to read more books. I absolutely love it; however, I do have one request. The app tends to freeze often and I cannot read my book for the rest of the day. I would would like to see this issue fixed, because I love to listen to my books! It makes my day! Thank you for developing this app. :)

No frustration!

I love it! Truly user friendly. I love the improvement of "preferences." It has made switching from books to audio simple. The loading of both is now automatic and simplified. It seems I get more response from Libby with no frustration. It is a smarter program that what I previously used.


Just wish all books were available like this, for travel!

Love this app

This is a great app. Very easy to use.

Best Library App Ever

If books are your thing, and you want to read them for free, and don’t mind waiting to read them, this app is for you. When I first discovered Libby I waited a few weeks for my first book, then got the next as soon as I requested it, now I have four on my shelf waiting for me. You can also request an extension on your book loan if you need it. I don’t mind waiting for best many books , so little time.

Switching libraries

Every time there is an update, I hope they’ve added the feature to place a hold on the same book at multiple libraries, but they don’t. I would think this would be the main feature of switching libraries. Would like be to be able to switch to this app full time, but I have to use Overdrive to truly switch between libraries.

Really great

Once I tried using Libby, I would never go back to Overdrive. Checked out books appear on my shelf in the app and I can return them from the app. It so straightforward and easy to use. Reading a book in the App is also easy and works like other book reading apps.


Love the Libby app.

Love it and EASY to use!

This was such an easy app to use. My daughter and I both read novels together using Libby!

Libby is so organized and easy to use

I am quite pleased and encourage everyone who has a library card to use this app.

Audio books

I love this app, because when I’m working or the busy to Seoul set an and read a book My Alexa can read it to me while I make Dinner etc

So useful!

I absolutely love this app! Any time I’m out & hear about a book I want to add to my reading list, I can quickly search my library’s e-book database. I particularly love that this automatically downloads to my Kindle. I’ve recommended this to many friends and family.


I love this app - easiest I’ve ever used!

Really well done!

Overdrive has really streamlined the borrowing experience in so many ways ... Multiple cards, easier and smarter filters, better Kindle linking, simplified multiple-device setup. Well, well done! One thought, in case developers are looking -- the horizontal line *under* the title in book lists makes it look like the book belongs to the listing above it. That line should go *over* the title. But that's a minor complaint... Nice job overall.

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