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The app is great!

This app is fantastic! I can rent books/audiobooks in seconds. The UI is very easy to understand and very user friendly. I tell everyone I know about this app.

Great concept. But good luck getting a recent book

Excellent concept. Easy to use. Unfortunately these are like 30 books that I can’t read because they are on a 6 to 12 week hold.

Tremendously happy to have this easy service.

I had a very hard time getting to the local library and really missed my reading every night. I prefer going there, visiting with the staff and the feel of a real book in my hands. However, this app is the next best thing! I am enjoying it so much! I use it every night and it has brought me much pleasure. Very easy to use, too! Thank you.

Very easy to use

What a great app! I can easily tag the books I want to read or listen to and check them out when I am ready. The app is clean and easy to navigate. The selection of audiobooks is abundant. Much easier to use than any other I’ve tried.

Game changer

I’ve used other audiobook services. Some I liked for the function of the app but the way they priced their audiobooks/service wasn’t a good fit for our family and other apps were clunky and hard to navigate. Libby combined the ease of a well-designed app and the freedom of a library! I can’t stop “reading” audiobooks now, it’s been absolutely wonderful for us.

EPUB Versions Incompatible with Screen Reader

I like the UI of this way more than Overdrive. There’s some limitations but it’s sleek streamlined approach makes searching and tagging books simple. ebooks are not screen reader compatible. I had to go through my library to get the kindle version of a book. Kindle versions are compatible with screen reader. I’d give 3.5 if possible but leaning towards a 4 so meh.

No wish list option

Libby is not nearly as good as OverDrive. Unlike OverDrive is does not sync with the eReads wish list. There is a “tag” feature to organize your lists, but that does not allow you to easily see what is currently available. I’ll stick with OD until this can be fixed.

Best ever

Love audio books. So efficient in time and love to have commute worked into efficiency.

A great app

Clean, intuitive, and very easy to use! Linked up with my local library and suddenly had access to more books than I could ever read!

Makes reading easy for everyone!

My kindergartner and I have read and discovered new books to read. Sometimes my kids listen to audio books. I love being able to have my book handy and not risk having my kids lose my spot or tear it! This app helped me discover Open Dyslexic font. This is a game changer for my sister!! Thank you!

Best Library reading/audio app

This app makes it so easy to borrow and hold books in e-format and audio. Also allows you to easily see where you are in waitlist. Huge improvement over Overdrive app which is complicated and cumbersome.


This app is a dream. The reading interface is great. Borrowing a book is easy, as is getting on the waiting list for a book. You have the option to have a waiting-list book automatically download to your shelf when it becomes available. Returning a book is easy, also. Honestly, a truly useful app ... like my own private Library!!

Love this app!

After so much frustration with another app, I was ready to give up. But then I found Libby, put it my Library Card and have not had any issues. Easy to search, check out, check in and read. Thank you.


I love most that I can send borrowed books to my Kindle from the app! I’ve also found some amazing books I wouldn’t have even known about without this app! Great job, guys!

Why won’t the book download?

I’ve been trying for 3 days but the books I borrow download to about 5%and then stop. My service provider and apple say the problem is with the app :/

The uncommon Enemy


Love Libby!

Once I ventured out to explore Libby’s various options, I actually had “fun” investigating the advance search, which books were available to immediately borrow from my favorite authors, and to view a particular character’s series.

If you love books and audio books this the place

Going to the library has never been so easy. Download the app put in your card number and you are read to read listen or watch movies. While on a cruise around the horn for 29 days. , I was still able to down load books and tapes. It was great.

Great app very useful

Very easy to use and to renewal is a click of a button, i just didn't figure out if there are audio books as well. The app also lack some functionality like copy text, which needed for translation... Over all great app

Great app!

This app has been great. Easy to use and find what you want. I would recommend it for anyone.

Awesome features!

Everything I need! Now one more feature I’d love is a connection to GoodReads so I can keep track of what I’m reading and what I’ve read. :)

Easy to use

Great way to read books! Easy search and loan process

I love LIBBY

It’s so convenient and functional! It’s easy to place holds on popular books and return books. I’m checking books off my reading list faster than ever!

Solid app

Works great!

Quality engineering

Just want to give a shout-out to the developer for making the app only 10MB in size. These days, that’s impressively small (Facebook is over 300MB and still bloating day by day). Thank you, and keep up the good work!

Great App!

So easy to use. What a great app!

Easy to use

Libby is simple and easy. What an app should be.

Looks nice, but so buggy

The interface and functionality are great, but I regularly have issues with it failing to remember my previous position and failing to connect to the server (even though the book is supposedly downloaded). If these issues were rare, that would be one thing, but to have them occur every other day is super frustrating.

Kitchen House


Great App!

This, by far, has been the easiest and most user-friendly app I have yet to use for ebooks and audiobooks. I like the bookmarks and being able to go from chapter to chapter. Easy to read and know exactly when it is due back when you look on your shelf. Thx

New app has cute graphics but lost some functions

I miss the time that used to show at the top of the screen when I was reading. seeing how many are in line before me when a book is on hold (now have to use a drop-down menu to see the number), and this app no longer saves the page I was on when I open the book after renewing it.

The app any audio player should aspire to be

I love the interface in this app. I used to use the Overdrive app but switched over to the newer Libby app and I can’t believe how great this is. I love the way you can navigate, go back, forward, hide the controls, and the ease of getting audio books from your library. I don’t really use the ebook features but mainly use the audio book features, so I can’t really comment too much on the ebook reader. I wish the Apple podcast app and Audible were as useful as Libby’s interface. Libby really makes just about everything in the flow of renting a book to listening so much easier. Maybe I haven’t figured it out, but it would be cool to add notes at specific parts of a book/audio book and if checked back out from the library I can still access those notes or “bookmarks”. Edit: there is a notes ability when making a bookmark. Not sure if the notes remain after returning an audio book and then re-checking it back out though.

Great app!

Really an improvement over the original app. It has more features and easy to use!

Greatly Improved User Experience!

Well done, Libby! I appreciate the ease of use, and the interface showing me ALL my books from ALL my libraries in one place: no more switching around from account to account to find a title. (I’ve discovered that all libraries are not equals in terms of the titles offered.) If you downloaded this app earlier in 2017 and found it buggy and frustrating, I encourage you to give Libby another try. Bravo!

Better than overdrive

This app is easier to work with, and I have to use this app because I got a new phone and couldn’t access my books on the other app.

Not user friendly

It's as if they put extra effort in to make this as non-user friendly as possible. I'm told it's a huge upgrade over Overdrive, and that may be, but they have a LONG way to go to make this a good app.

Volume control needed

The app is great except for the volume. It is preset at low volume with no way to change it that I could find. So, when you turn it up on any device, other apps are blaring loud.

Great way to connect to library resources

I could not be happier with this app and the ease of finding and downloading books from my local library. I have read some books in the app, but it is also easy to transfer eBooks to the Kindle app.

The Girl from the Train

Excellent book! Kept my attention throughout. Best book of 2017 for me so far 😊

Very Cool

I really like this application. Makes it very convenient to borrow audible books. Good selection also.

Great app

Hi, this app is a huuuuge improvement over OverDrive. Even if Libby crashes about once a day. One suggestion, which might be out of scope: if would be *awesome* if Libby could interface with Goodreads and then show me what books on my GoodReads reading list are currently available on audiobook from my library. Right now, I have to go back and forth between the two apps for about ten minutes until I find a match.

Wish I had known about Libby sooner

Thanks to author, Toby Neal, I learned about this app. I joined my local library and have been using Libby to catch up with some authors I had not been able to afford. Libby is an simple application to use, I’ve had no problems searching for, checking out books or returning them. You can also use this application for audio books. Awesome.

Al Franken Masterof the Senate

Excellent book , well writen with humor and candor. Makes the reader privy to some of the intricacies of politics and our political system.

Intuitive and easy to use.

Libby must have been tested on your average non technical person before it was released. There are no dead ends or confusing roadblocks. Simply check out your book, go to your shelf in Libby and open it up. It's that easy. A hundred times better than Overdrive!


Makes reading and listening to eBooks a pleasure. What a great app. A lot of thought and hard work went into this s one.

One of the best apps

I love this app. My local library uses this to borrow books and it is so easy to use. I help my patrons get set up to use our ebooks and they think this is so easy too.

Great simple easy to use

app doesn’t use data if you download it ❤️❤️❤️🌟🌟🌟


Works great, convenient way to read and listen to books I like. :)

Great ap!

Works very well. Crosses from iPhone to iPad seamlessly. So nice to have so many books at my fingertips.

I Love Liby

I love reading and listening to literature and this app makes it all portable I would recommend it in any ELA classroom

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