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Compared with Overdrive...

Libby seems to have more features: better access to book information, more integration with library functionality, more intuitive, gesture-based control, and an overall more polished UI. I'd switch to Libby without any hesitation if the last piece missing is in place -- the support for multiple-part downloads, which is very handy for huge audiobooks. Update 171120: I found the playback control for audiobooks not responsive. It functions as expected for pausing, but often requires 3 clicks on "Play" instead of 1 to bring back from the pause state.

Great app!

If you a book lover you must have this app. Since I downloaded it, I have spent less on's audio books. And I have made far fewer trips to the local library. Well, saved some gas, eliminated some carbon footprint, but I hope this app won't kill the libraries, lol

A Big Little Life

As an avid dog parent, I absolutely loved this book as only a dog parent could. Mr. Koontz shared his most intimate experiences with his Trixie. His command of the English language breathes life long lessons of love, warmth, joy and devotion that anyone reading this book will hold dear. I would highly recommend this book to anyone searching for deeper meaning to life.

Love that this exists

Makes borrowing ebooks so much easier than it used to be

Now I get it.

It took a little while to get used to this app, but now that I've used it for about a month, I like it a lot. It's simple and elegant. It does everything I want it to do and does it much better than the app I used before.

Love Libby

I really enjoy listening to audio books but buying is expensive. Libby feeds my need and is free. What not to live. It is easy and library staff helpful.

One suggestion...

Please have Libby pause audio books when navigation (Google Maps/Apple Maps) is dictating directions. This would be huge! Other than that, love the app. Much more intuitive than OverDrive. Edit: It now pauses audio books when maps are dictating directions. Thank you!

Keeps crashing

Haven’t listened to a single book without crashing. It never really worked when I downloaded it. Very frustrating and time consuming . Going back to Overdtive.

Constantly crashes

It works for about 3-5 minutes then crashes.

So convenient, lots of titles

Convenient, lots of choice (and hopefully still growing), and no overdue fines!

The best app for avid readers.

Access your library’s books, magazines and audiobooks from anywhere at anytime with this app. It is very easy to use and has loads of useful features.


This app has numerous poor qualities compared to other similar apps.

Think I’ll stick with overdrive

Downloaded this app which looked a little more friendly than the old overdrive app. Was impressed with the nice interface but then started listening to books and found there’s some glitch that skips whole sections of audiobooks as though they weren’t there. Must be corrupt downloading but unlike old overdrive app there’s no way to delete and redo sections.

Its great!

Very nicely designed

Thank you for Libby! I was spending a fortune on Audible

This was my first experience with borrowing audiobooks and I will never go back! Libby is so fun to browse and I find myself planning the next years worth of books to borrow. I have a long commute so only audiobooks for me. This is a great, easy to use app.

More features and bugs

This app looks nice and has more features than the old Overdrive app. It has some issues though. I kept getting an error when checking things out. The audio book is player is really easy to mess up your spot. The black chapter progress bar can easily be swiped and you completely lose your place. It’s happened twice in the past 2 days 😫. So now I neurotically bookmark at random incase I do it again. I like that you can change the skin tone of the Libby icon (yay diversity).

Great way to listen to audiobooks (for free!)

I’ve been using the Overdrive app for a while to borrow e-books and audio books from my local library for quite a while now. The old app was a little clunky but did the job. The new app is very nice looking and much easier to use. I also had some issues with audio playback in the old app which have gone away in the new one. That said, a couple very minor issues and 1 feature request: - The slider to control the playback speed is kind of annoying to use. You end up changing the speed all over the place before you get to the speed you want. - I always find myself clicking on the big Libby logo button at the bottom thinking it’s a navigation button. But really what it does is change the skin color of the logo. It’s a very thoughtful and inclusive touch, but maybe it doesn’t need to be the most prominent button in the entire app? - I would love love love to see GoodReads integration so I can find the books I’ve already marked as “to-read”.

Libby, by overdrive

Just Great!!!!!

Eleanor and Park

I loved everything about this book. I didn’t want it to end! I strongly recommend.

Crashes all the time

I get error messages and have to retry opening my audiobooks and dismiss something that tells me the app isn’t working correctly. Extremely annoying and never had this issue with Overdrive.

App is currently unusable

The app spontaneously dumps my downloaded audiobooks repeatedly during normal playback. I love the app, just wish it worked.

Pretty interface but lacking

I'm going back to the Overdrive app and here is why. - there are features to like in Libby but you don't listen to "pretty". - my device has limited memory and the Overdrive feature of deleting individual files/chapters or only uploading a few is critical to me and missing in Libby. - nearly impossible to accurately use Libby navigation slider with my thick, calloused fingers. - I have access to multiple libraries and maybe just me but haven't yet figured out how Libby shelf deals with that. I want to know for each book what library it is from and I want to quickly navigate from shelf to specific library.


Love this app. Much better than some of the other library book apps.

It’s pretty but still so buggy

Oh I wish I could say I love this app. It looks good but it freezes and has even played chapters out of order, completely ruining a book for me. It’s unreliability though I’ve tried to get used to it is sending me back to overdrive.


Love the app but is there a way to save your bookmarks from an audiobook are returning it?

New update is awful.

New update is awful. 2 days into my book it told me it was expired and kicked me off. Now I have to wait for another 6 weeks for the book. I am pretty mad.

Need my wish list from OverDrive

I like the Libby app but I need the ability to have my Wish List moved over. I have over 200 in my OverDrive account. Until that happens, I can’t fully convert over. And the lists need to sync with the website.


I love this app. It’s super easy.

Best app ever!

I was traveling to Italy and wanted some reading material I could download and use offline. I was able to get books and audiobooks within seconds. It’s so easy to use; I would highly recommend this app to everybody!


Hard to use. Poorly designed interface. Confusing to return books. If you’re used to using the Audible app you will be very disappointed

Nothing but trouble

I have used overdrive and I never had trouble downloading, listening, or moving different directions within the book, until Libby came along. Once Libby became what the library used overdrive doesn’t work. Now Libby is erratic... if you download the book for listening whole sections of the book doesn’t download. If you try to jump back or forward in the book it locks up. I started using the cloud to listen to the book because you get the whole book but it still locks up if you jump around in the book. You also use a lot of data listening this way. If I go into the Libby app while listening I have learned not to do anything in the book when I see the yellow trouble page. If you do anything but listen it locks up.


I absolutely love this app & recommend it to anyone. My only issues is: why doesn’t the app have or “own” all books from all the authors? It’s a public library app, so if the actual library has the physical books to borrow, why doesn’t the app have all ebooks to borrow? And we only get 3 recommendations. Not sure if it’s 3 a day, week, month or year. Get all the books, no need to recommend.

I wish I loved it

I LOVE LOVE the accessibility of this app and it's purpose but I find it to be one of the most user UNFRIENDLY apps I've ever had. I'm so confused about the way it tracks where you are in the book it works backward and culminates the whole book instead individual chapters?? It makes no sense and then rewinding or fast forwarding is absolutely a mess, the only way to do it and not get frustrated is to us the 15 second buttons. I hope this app becomes a lot more user friendly because it serves a really great purpose.

Love it!!!

I love using Libby by Overdrive. It’s nice to be able to borrow both audiobooks and ebooks using my library card. They have a good selection. I wish they had more.

Doesn’t work on iPhone X

Worked just fine before I upgraded my phone a few days ago. Now everything crashes and books won’t open. Please fix. Update: works fine now and I enjoy this interface more than kindle for reading library books.

Love the app! One request..

I love the app, so clean and easy to use. Plus the developers are actively adding features and fixing any issues they find. I would like to see better support for multiple library cards. For instance, I have a book that is expiring in 12 hours. I went to renew the book but there is a wait list so placing a hold is being offered. However, this book is available from another library system using my second card. Kind of awkward to switch to the second library, do a search, and check out the available book from there. Minor issue, I know, but even blended search results would be welcome. As it stands now I have to search for every book a second time if it isn’t available for loan from my first library. Please take these comments as encouragement and not at all a criticism. Your app is fantastic already. Thank you.


I moved from the original Overdrive app after seeing reviews and suggestions. I am so frustrated with Libby! It crashes or requires a ‘Retry’ every time I launch the app. It freezes, loses the spot in my audiobooks or starts and stops at random sections. I am looking at going back to the previous app if it is still available.

Amazing app

Love this app. Linked to my library card and can borrow ebooks and audio books. Haven't stopped listening since I got it.

Awesome app for readers!

I love this app! I can’t get enough books to read! So easy to get from the library and return. If you haven’t tried this app you don’t know what you’re missing doing.


Library audio books without Audible.

THIS is how to use Overdrive!

Overdrive apparently gave up on their buggy and ignorant Overdrive app, which could never recall one's login, and only occasionally recall one's library cards. Libby remembers everything, and even automatically downloads the books one has checked out—from all libraries. Delete Overdrive, install Libby, and stop pulling your hair out!

I love Libby!

Libby is Overdrive’s new audiobook and ebook Digital Library audiobook and ebook retrieval and playback system. Browsing, checkout, and playback functions have all been simplified and updated. Much easier to download and play, and to return files.


The best thing since sliced bread! This app is the ultimate service to any reader.


An absolutely wonderful app for borrowing library books - both audio and electronic!

Great app! Would like more library info, though.

This app is great! I recently got a library card again for the first time in over a decade and was excited to learn that the Overdrive ebook program existed. It’s like Amazon Unlimited, except free… and limited. More than good enough for me, though, and supports local libraries! Checking out books is straight-forward, provided the book is available. The app is just generally easy to use. I was originally going to use Overdrive with my Kindle, but the reader built into Libby is good enough for my needs. Libby has pretty much become my one stop shop for reading ebooks now. Just the fact that I’m reading again after not doing so for so long has me excited! My one complaint about the app is that I’d like it to show more information about local libraries. Specifically, I wish I could see my local libraries’ hours of operation, phone numbers, etc.

App needs help

UI is very nice. Better than Overdrive, but the app doesn’t work unless you are connected to the internet. I want to download a book and listen to it when I’m on an airplane or diving. The original Overdrive app gave me that option. This app has been out too long to still be this biggie. I have to download the book several times and still cannot use it off line. Frustrating!


Very nice way to carry millions of books in one device!

Great app

An awesome app after a bookworm’s heart! Just the thing I need - user friendly with great features!

Amazing App!

I discovered Libby a couple of weeks ago and have told everyone I know about it. So easy to use and such a great resource for audio books and e-books. I love the look of the layout and how simple it is to use. I love that I can transfer most of the checked out books to my Kindle. The audio books are as easy to use as a podcast. So happy that I found it!


Great app & friendly to use

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