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Great. But won't stop crashing!!!!

I love this app over all. It's really super user friendly. It's got a good layout. But for over a week now it crashes every time I try to open it. I haven't been able to access it at all. Please fix the bugs!!

Great for library books & so easy to use!

This version of the Overdrive app for library ebooks and audio ebooks works with such ease. Easy to checkout items, read/listen, return. Also love the content curation which makes it a delight to discover books new and old.

Apple Watch?

Doesn’t seem to work with Apple Watch. Oh come on!!! Please get this in the next upgrade. I hate lugging stuff to the gym.

Good, but

Not very simple to use

Love this app

My new obsession!!!! I absolutely love this app... it's so convenient!

Impressive and Reliable Functionality...

...Plus a whole lot of style! It's features that assist in the browsing and selection process are so clear and useful--the app really contributes to discovering books I would have missed that I have really enjoyed. Congrats to the developers--outstanding work!

Audio books no longer working with ios update

Audiobooks no longer play

A lot of flash; very little substance

So this looks a lot better than the Overdrive app and logs directly into my local library which has an impressive amount of e-media. It doesn't function as well as Overdrive. My big complaint is that the developers have chosen to lock books in portrait mode on smaller devices, like my iPod Touch. You can't read in landscape on an iPhone or iPod. This isn't a bug, they took away the option because they didn't like it. I like it and have been reading that way for years. I'm a grown-up, Shouldn't I be able to chose how I read an ebook? I don't like the way it sorts everything in a vertical list. The covers are clearer, but the useful button, the one that let's you read or play the book is actually smaller. Hit the cover now and it's like opening a page in the library's catalog. Adjusting the text size and font of the book is more complicated than Overdrive, or most other apps. Why that is two layers deep in a menu escapes me. You can browse fairly easily, but I can't figure out how to share a title. I like to suggest books to people and I like it when they do the same. It is really handy with parents and young readers. Most apps let you share easily, not here. Again it's a pretty app. It just doesn't do what I want it to do.

One stop shop for library reading!!

Brilliant! I have two libraries linked up. Shelves are great and intuitive. Huge thanks!!! Update: I just received a response to a suggestion I had written within a couple days of writing my review. Great developer 'care'. Just so you all know, swipe down on the sleep timer to set any 5-minute to 2 hour time span. I thought it was only 30 minutes. Yay for Libby and her developers! Just upped my stars to 5*****

My new best friend/Libby!

With all the business in life, I bought books for escape & joy. Found myself buying duplicates as they were republished! Waste if money but what could I do?? With Libby I have access to my favorite authors & save so much money! Thank you Neflin 😉

I want Overdrive back

First, this new app was forced on me without my consent. I understood Overdrive and could use it to get what I wanted. It was simple and dependable. This one is anything but intuitive. I do not have time to learn a new system with no real advantages. Why change what worked fine?

Vast improvement over overdrive

After struggling with Overdrive through my public library, I hesitantly tried this new app. And I LOVED it. This app has seriously gotten me started reading again. I've read more in the past month than maybe the last ten years, and I couldn't be happier. It's a friendly, easy to use solution that far surpasses the competitors (and I've tried a few).

Love it!

Libby is my new best friend. :-) Great features, easy to navigate... thumbs up!

C Cavaness

This app stinks!!!!! I loved overdrive and have used it for years, now I'll look for somewhere else to listen to audiobooks because Libby keep saying error and only lets my in sometimes so when you stop your book you never know when you will be able to read it again. Overdrive will no longer let me download books. Terrible!!!!!

The Best Free App Ever

This app is intuitive, easy to use and effective. It puts the entire digital library in the palm of your hand. I've used it for both audiobooks and e-books and it works great for both.


My local library has an extensive digital catalog, but had to hop between kindle for books and Overdrive for audiobooks. I was fine with downloading to kindle but Overdrive was not that user friendly so I stopped borrowing audiobooks. Was planning a long car trip and went to the library web site to browse and they featured Libby and wow! Game changer. I have listened to more audiobooks in the past 3 months than I have in the last five years and it's all free!

Suggestions for developers

Called Overdrive with ideas for improvement and they suggested I might like Libby. I downloaded the app, signed in, and after browsing I have two issues: 1). How do you sign out? In Overdrive, you select "My Account." Couldn't find anything in Libby's menu to give me this option. If it's there, please make it more obvious. 2). I don't need two reader apps. I like the look of Libby so maybe you could program an "export/import" function that would let me export the four pages of my Wish List books from Overdrive?? Who wants to search every book on their Overdrive list and replicate them one by one in Libby? Otherwise, this is a very attractive app. Thanks.

Great but just one glitch

Love the new interface. Very nicely streamlined. My only issue is i want to fall asleep reading or walk away from my ebook and have my iPad go into sleep mode like it's supposed to. Libby keeps my iPad on. I'll come back a battery will be drained all the way down because iPad screen stays on. I've found nowhere in the settings to change it.

Blank pages

The audio books work greatly fix but the text books often show blank pages after a chapter ends. If there are links in the table of contents you can scroll back to the table of contents and click to get the right page. I don't know how this if there isn't a table on contents.


I got the first version of overdrive when it first came out and updated since. Libby is so much easier to use. I talked my husband into using Libby. He is tech challenged but was a pro in one evening!

Thank you for Libby! I was spending a fortune on Audible

This was my first experience with borrowing audiobooks and I will never go back! Libby is so fun to browse and I find myself planning the next years worth of books to borrow. I have a long commute so only audiobooks for me. This is a great, easy to use app. My only suggestion is making in app navigation a bit easier to get "back" or to search. I find myself getting deep into a wormhole and not able to go back to the beginning.

So much better

Libby is a big improvement over the original Overdrive app. While many things are the same, I find it easier to see my items, see what has been downloaded, and it's easier to return books to the library after I've finished reading them. Thanks!

No # in series notation

Haven't yet delved into app, but first thing I noticed is there is NO indication anywhere of what number a book is in a series. Bad enough it isn't in the search list which is definitely preferable, but it isn't even in the detail. I listen to many books with long series, to have to do research outside the app, prior to searching is nonsensical, particularly since it was available in Overdrive - though only in the details - pet peeve. Also, no wish list, I suppose tags could be used for this. And why can't you simply give the date available for Holds. It may come earlier, but certainly not later. There also doesn't appear to be a recommend option. Got an unspecified "error" message when trying to place hold, was able place hold through overdrive. Sorry, have to go with a two.


Repeatedly tells me my library card won't work. It works on overdrive so what's the problem?


I just love this app. It's so easy to use. Thanks

Libby Love!

I love the Libby app- much cleaner user interface than the Overdrive app. Makes getting eBooks and Audiobooks from my public library much more enjoyable :-)

Libby very well

I just installed Libby last week and have already downloaded two Stephen King books. The downloads were quick and seamless, as were the returns. The Libby app was very easy to use and had intuitive controls. I am loving Libby.


If I could give this app a 285920285820394759203858+++++ rating I would!!!!!


This app is wonderful! My only complaint is that you have to scroll up to get to the back button which is mildly inconvenient. I like it a lot better than the overdrive app because it's much easier to use (sorry but that's how I feel!)

Constantly starting from setup

I don't see anyone else commenting about this, so maybe I am the only one having this issue. But the app is constantly starting over with the introduction page, having me select a library and then finally taking me to my shelf. It's a bit of a hassle and I don't understand why it keeps resetting between use and not always just starting with my shelf or the library I have selected over a million times now as being my library service.

Good app, a little confusing

This is my first time using a e-book app. While the downloads are easy, I found it difficult to return my book or even if I'm supposed to return it. I also don't know where I can keep track of my holds.

C'esr magnifique!

I read constantly. I read on my iPad. I spend way too much on ebooks (ahhh, the days when we thought virtual books would be cheap?). Overdrive's Libby has saved me. All I have to do now is pressure my local library to buy all the books I want to read that they don't yet have. But I'm more than content with content now.

Great App

Great variety. Easy to use.

Too many bugs

At first glance, I thought this was a major upgrade from the overdrive app. But, when I stop reading, and then resume later, it skips pages ahead of where I left off. Also, when I flip the page to a new chapter, the pages suddenly go blank. Listening to an audiobook, it has a tendency to skip ahead after you pause it as well. The cool new interface is worthless if you can't actually read or listen to books without encountering so many problems. I'm going back to overdrive until they can get the basics working properly.

Better, but...

I like the new features except downloading all of the books I have checked out. I learned about this setting the hard way. This is taking up a lot of space on my phone.


Libby is pretty awesome!!!

Love it!

Big improvement over OverDrive. Very easy to use. Love this app!

Almost Perfect

I love the interface, it's very user friendly and borrowing books is simple. My only complaint is there is no longer the option to see which titles are available now at the top of your wish list like the Overdrive site, instead you have to click each individual title in your list to see if it's available. If they added that top bar it would definitely make this a 5 star app!

Great App Easy access to thousands of Ebooks

App works really well

It's fine, but needs some improvement

It's a good idea, but doesn't save my log in information which is frustrating

Love it

I like it so much better than Overdrive!

Love with a couple suggestions

Great app. Easy to use. 2 suggestions. 1) I have two library systems that I use. Through the overdrive app I could have a hold on the same title with each system but not with Libby. Please fix that. 2) I like reading with iBooks better because they have the scroll feature. It is more fluid. The turning pages is clunky.

Great app. One suggestion.

I love the look and feel of Libby! Fantastic work! There's one feature I'd like to suggest adding to Libby -- the ability to filter results by audiobooks only while browsing. It is available in Overdrive and would be a useful addition to Libby. Audiobooks are more commuter friendly for me so sometimes my searches are limited to them. Thanks.

Great app but needs tuning

I really like this app, the only thing I do not get is why you don't have a section for technical fields such as the dummies series, or books for certifications? And to slowly incorporate classical music, plays, learning videos, etc. Night mode is great, but it would be even better if we could choose the font color as well as the background color. Read to speech could also make it even better.

Love Libby

I love this app it is everything I need in a library app. The convenience and selection of books makes it great. I have had issues with getting digital books in the past. Thanks to Libby those days are over and I am reading more than ever

Simple and WONDERFUL

This app is even easier to use than Overdrive. It has night reading (black pages, white text) which helps me read in bed and fall easily to sleep. It has a great selection of audio books, or should I say my library does, and Libby connects me to this wealth of information and entertainment simply. Book loans get "returned" automatically ~ I haven't had a late fee in months. Love this app. Love it!

Got a library card? Gotta get this!

Best book app! Easy to navigate, find what you want, and borrow or hold instantly. Very user friendly. Good graphics.

Missing the sauce

You wonder why they do not have the Overdrive integration working

Libby is a great library app!

Very easy to navigate and use, with easy to understand instructions to get you started. My hats off to the developers.

Doesn't work consistently

While it is nice to be able to read library books electronically, this app has inconsistent performance. The book will randomly skip ahead many pages/chapters. In one book this occurred only at the start of new chapter. In another book it was random and occurred on any page. You then have to spend a few minutes trying to get back to the page you were last on. If this issue were fixed, it would be a five-star app. When compared to reading on other apps, this one currently comes up way short.

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