Libby, by OverDrive App Reviews

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It’s Pretty but has glitches

I’m not a fan of Libby. I have used Overdrive for several years and while it is a little slow in maneuvering, I much prefer Overdrive over Libby. For example, I had accidentally deleted an audiobook from one device before I had had a chance to listen to it. I was listening to it on another device. The audiobook did not show up on the second device. I contacted support and was informed I only had to sync it. I informed support I was sure this was a programming issue but they disagreed. They said syncing should resolve my problem. Syncing did not work. Second, I like to listen to my audiobook before I fall asleep. Overdrive can be programmed to 15 minutes where Libby starts at 30 minutes. It’s easier to backtrack the audiobook at 15 minutes rather than 30 minutes. I’m continuing to use Overdrive for now.

Just great

It’s nice to be able to sit in any location, pick up my phone or pad and enjoy whatever adventure I’m on.

Fern Michaels, the sisterhood series

I waited way too long for the book. I can read three books, while I have to wait for one book

No aggravation

Best user interface, yet. It just works the way I expect it to work.


I absolutely LOVE Libby!!

Ease of use

So easy to use, check out books and return. Pages are clear and font is big enough not to cause eye strain.


Sometimes the audio on a downloaded book will suddenly cut out for no apparent reason. When I open the app to see what’s going on the timer shows it’s still playing. Then if I hit pause and play again it jumps to a point in another chapter. Very annoying. Especially when I’m driving and can’t do anything about it.

great for reading, still missing some features.

great app for reading and taking out books. much better than overdrive online for sorting and searching. however, libby does not port your ‘wish list’ over nor will it allow you to recommend books for your library to purchase. both can be done online. until these features are added, i still have to use the browser. 😕

The best free library in the world!

Fantastic User Interface. Excellent selection. Free. What more could you want!

You’re kidding right?

I can listen to an audiobook, it ends, then there’s a library’s worth of others I can listener to? You’re kidding me right? Nothing is ever that easy. This thing is bloody brilliant. Put it on a TED talk. It’s an idea worth spreading. 👏🏼

I’m embarrassed I used audible

I’m embarrassed I used audible. A day or two of patience and I get a free audio book. For free, no charge, none monies.

Libby App Review

I love this app! It makes it so easy to bring books with me wherever I go! It is simple and easy to use, and I love how clean the layout is. The books download quickly, and are easy to return. There are lots of titles to choose from. My only complaint is the limit of holds that I can have. There are so many books but even more users, so it can be difficult to get a book with a long hold line. But other than that, I love the app. I use it everyday.

What a great app!

It’s light years away from competitors.


I love this app!!

Very help full

Very helpful and love the audio books

No ebook? You can’t be serious!

Please add ebook to search results

reading so many beautiful books

I feel very thankful for the resource. The overall design feels thoughtful and human.

Love it!

I had a difficult time navigating Overdrive. So glad for the update that is Libby!

Best book app

I just love this app. The UI is nicely done, it’s easy to use and easy to find books I want. Sometimes the wait is long for the more popular books, just like any library but there’s plenty of material to read and listen to in the meantime.

Hard to use

It took me most of 2 hours to initially set Libby up and then many books can’t be read on Kindle.

Great, but needs additional languages

Great app for English readers, but what’s the point of offering ebooks written in other languages if the app isn’t capable of changing the language used to navigate?

Libby Delivers

Fast, responsive, well organized, good search format. Great job; prior apps were difficult to use. Unlike those Libby is accessible and intuitive. Thank you Libby team.


This is easy to navigate but when I select to return to the library (if I finish reading before expiration date) it appears to return it but actually doesn’t. I can only successfully return a book early by going into my Amazon account.

Game changer

I’ve never reviewed an app until now... but here I am! This app is just like Audible only it’s free! It’s just like the amazon kindle marketplace only it’s free! You’re silly if you’re not taking advantage of the public library system.

Easy convenient

So convenient!

So glad I found this

So many audiobooks for free! So cancelling my audible subscription.

Jumpy for audiobooks

I love Libby, but I finally had to revert to Overdrive. It’s super glitchy for audiobooks: jumping around, playing with no sound, and in one memorable case stopping after 10 minutes of play—for the entire book. I got too frustrated to keep coming back even though I love the interface.


It’s not a horrible app but it’s not intuitive and more difficult to navigate than overdrive

Great app!

Does everything it should do without fuss. Makes it very easy to do all the steps in using ebook services at my libraries (3 different ones) including browsing, searching, creating holds, borrowing, downloading, and returning. Plus it is easy to use and the design and interface are pleasant.

Something is wrong.

I don't know what is going on but the app keeps crashing.

Above and Beyond

This is a beautiful little app that does a better job than many of its commercial counterparts. It’s obvious they had excellent, dedicated developers who built this app with lots of love.

Some glitches, but overall great!

Recently, the Libby app started kicking me out after a few minutes. Could you please fix this! Thanks!

Soooo easy to use audiobooks

I use the audiobook features of Libby. First, I love how the books I’ve requested on hold show up so easily. It’s even easier to return them. The audiobooks are wonderful. Sometimes I listen to them during the day while I work and sometimes I listen at night. I did not go through any training tutorial, but just started using it instead.

Very good, except when it isn’t

Browsing and downloading are easy and seamless. I like the bookmark feature. But sometimes it inexplicably leapt forward a couple of hours while I had the phone sleeping. Perhaps it was operator error, but I don’t know how to avoid it.

Great for readers, listeners, and libraries

I mean it

I like Libby

I find the Libby App a little easier to use than Overdrive which I’ve been using for more than a year. I listen to audiobooks a LOT. I find it easier to locate books using my preference for audiobooks. The only thing that caused me to give it a 4 rather than 5 is that you can only set sleep timer to 30 minutes, whereas I had always used the 15 minute timer. I always lose my place and have to find it. I enjoy the Libby app and find it very easy to use.

Easy to use!

I really enjoy using the Libby app. I recommend it to anyone wanting to access the public library system.

Checking out ebooks a snap with Libby

Placing holds or checking out ebooks or audiobooks is very straight forward. You can also view holds and see where you are in the queue. Much easier to use than my local library’s web site.

Love it!

Libby works seamlessly with my library’s digital content so that I can download an audiobook and start listening right away. I can also send an ebook to my kindle through the app without having to go through the library website. I love that you can change the audiobook speed in increments of .05 because I like to listen to audio content a little faster than normal but 1.25 is too fast.

No more buying books and audio books!

This is the best app ever. I am an avid reader and with this app I can borrow books and audio books for free. It is wonderful to listen to a book on my commute or to listen while traveling with the kids. I can’t believe that all I needed was a library card. My card hasn’t gotten this much use since school days. It is super easy to set up an account, log in your card number and start borrowing, and books are returned automatically so no late fees.

Super easy

Just enter your library card info and voila, it works. I sort by books/audiobooks available so I can get something right away.


I’ve “read” more books in the past two months than I had for the previous two years bc of the audiobooks. I absolutely love this app.


This makes borrowing books very simple. One feature that would be great is a notification that a book is ready to download instead of by email notification.

Love it

I loved reading in high school and so this app is perfect. It’s free you can use it while offline if you download the book or audio book it’s wonderful. Only gripe about it is that they don’t have some of my favorite books like the pendragon series

Always something great to read!

Libby is a lifesaver from mindlessly surfing when you’re stuck somewhere. There’s always something interesting to borrow immediately; it’s like guilt-free bookstore browsing!

Can’t filter for audiobooks

Maybe I’m missing something but I can’t filter search results to show only audiobooks, which is the only reason I’m using Libby.


Outstanding resource for one whose eyesight is failing.


I'm sorry but I think it needs more comic books In Spanish and inglés! I like it but that's what i really want on liby more COMIC BOOKS!!!!!👌🏼😜;). P.S can u also but anias gost as one of them? PLZ!!!!!:( ,'{

Not showing

I checked out two books in series and wanted to recheck out the second because didn’t finish but cannot find the author or the title now

Saving Jake

Enjoying this author and her series! Thank you Libby :)

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