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Don’t like this app.

Confusing to use. Not user friendly. No on site directions with what to do.

Makes Cube Life Easier

I work in data entry and spend 8 hours a day in a cubicle typing. I'm able to listen to headphones while working and I burn through my favorite podcasts pretty early in the week. Audible was getting expensive so when a friend at work told me about this app it sounded too good to be true. Free audio books through my local library? I'm so used to apps having a catch I was doubtful at first. Luckily I was wrong. I've listened to three books this week alone. I've even started to like that I have to put some books on hold because the anticipation of them finally being available gives me something to look forward to. Have started recommending to all of my friends.

Very pleased

My first experience with audiobooks. Great selections and good app to listen to them!


I’m so thankful for this app! It has rekindled my craving for stories. I love being able to have an audio and a regular book both checked out. I love being able to place holds and do all of it. Great, great app!

Awesome app!

It’s fantastic and it lets me read much more. But it does need to improve the handling of holds of the same book at different libraries. It would only show you the status at one library forcing to go online if you want to see how are your holds in other libraries. This is very inconvenient for someone for Trying to read a long and popular book...

Great app!

I enjoy it very much.


Libby is an awesome app that I use a ton and all my favorite books are free to read!!!


I really enjoy this app! It has a variety of audiobooks as well as regular books. You should get this app if you have a library card and like free reading!! Anyways, gotta finish my book!

One of my favorite apps!

I couldn’t live without this app!

Love this app!

I love this app for audiobooks! We are talking about free audiobooks, people!! Now the only problem is they don’t have every audiobook in a particular series but I think that’s more of the library’s fault and not the app. Now for some reason the app will not play through my car’s Bluetooth but it will play through my Bluetooth headphones. Very odd.

Frequently crashes

Unfortunately crashes while I am reading. I will be returning to simple OverDrive.

Better then audiable

Way better then audible which is a scam itself the only thing is i cant always renew

Excellent book borrowing option

Navigating audio books is not as easy as I would like. Improve that and I would give 5 stars.

Ok app

The app is ok but nothing to rave about. I think there are upgrades it could have that would make it better.

Free books->kindle app/devices. Good ux

Free books->kindle app/devices. Intuitive and fun to use.

I love it

It helps me do homework easier and I don’t have to go to the library every couple of days


Simple and easy to use!!!

Revolutionary app

Finally the library system entered the 21st century! Great app, works all my local California libraries, saves me time and money.

A+ on convenience and no late fees!


Super easy to use!

I love that i can checkout (download) books and they get returned automatically. This interface is way better than overdrive and is very user friendly.

It just got better!

Overdrive just got better and her name is Libby! Easier to search, set preferences, and faster to borrow! It just got better!


This is a really great app easy to use and with lots of great books!

Sending download to kindle. HELP!

Need book I just renewed to play on IPhone.

Nice app ... but ...

I would like to be able to download ebooks to my Nook. Also, I would like to be able to specify genres in the search.


Such a good way to get book time while getting things done!

Back to books!

Audiobooks through this app is a truly wonderful thing. It truly was getting to the point where I was able to complete maybe one or two books per year imagine not learning anything from literature for that long. With this app and audiobooks I’m now able to read 2-3 books a week. I’m growing, learning and evolving. This is the best thing since sliced bread.

I found this unusable

The problem is that many searches will turn up much more than a thousand books. The best I did drilling down with filters was maybe 500. Often I would be presented with a possible choice from many thousands. Here’s the thing: the books are presented with gigantic covers. Only three at a time fit onto my iPhone Xs Max screen. Not much better on an iPad Pro 10.5. So if you want to look through the 500 books, well, you do the math. Why can’t there be display choices. An obvious choice is a grid of very small covers. Or no covers at all, just titles. Yes, this looks great. I don’t care what it looks like if beauty turns the app into a beast.

Easy to Use!

My children and I have enjoyed exploring the Libby app. We are especially having a good time listening to some audio books for pleasure and have also been listening to one that we needed to read for school. That makes this homeschool mom happy!

Not as user friendly as it appears

The fact that I cannot view my library wish list in the app or view other account information is a big negative for me. I have to go to the actual library website, login, view and check out desired material, and then go back to the app to download and listen. All of this should be able to be streamlined... it was in Overdrive. Once corrected I will change my review.

This Is Wonderful

I have just heard about this from a friend. And I have used it a lot. It is so easy to use and I LOVE it.

Books allowed to rent for too short of a time

I love this app and its functionality. However, it is a pain that you can only have a rental for such a short time.

More efficient searching

I used Overdrive a lot, and now use Libby, which is an improvement, BUT there seems to be no way to skip the first books in a list to the end of a list. Better would be the ability to select a specific area of a list to continue one’s search. Having to start at the beginning for each search shouldn’t be necessary.

Great for audio books!

I also find it an easier app to use to browse my library, select books and even put books on hold. The Overdrive app was not easy for me to use so I’m very happy now.

Not user friendly

This is not easy to use not to mention limited options and long waitlists.

Neat service.

Being able to rent books from the library from my phone is awesome.

So Simple and Well Made

This app is amazing. It’s so simple and easy to use and very well made. It’s clean looking and easy on the eyes. I love it!

Great entertainment

This is a great app for reading and listening to audio books for free.

Mental stimulation!

I love being able to borrow audiobooks while I’m at work and engage my mind in constructive thinking while I go about my responsibilities! Thank you so much :)


I absolutely love Libby!! So convenient and wonderful, only complaint would be that I don’t sleep staying up late reading lol. I recommend the app to everyone 👍🏻👍🏻

After last update

Can no longer view book graphics ... only the Libby web icon on both my iPad Pro IOS 12.1 and IPad 5 IOS 10 using WiFi.

Best digital library platform yet

Enjoying this new platform. Hoping for more titles.


It is so nice that that hey have books you can listen to because you can do it anytime anywhere.

Powerful tool

Libby is a clean friendly app that is easy to use and incredibly powerful. Downloading from the public library is quick and self contained making it ideal for airplane or out of service area use.

Libby, Libby, Libby!

This is the best app ever. Thanks Overdrive. It is so easy to use, love how it’s so easy to renew, return your items. It’s easy to explain to someone on how to use.


This app has me reading more than I ever read before, and I love it. I can put head phones in and walk around my house listening to my books. I can get on the bus and pass the time by admiring the view and listening to my books. I love it so much. Definitely my favorite app. Incredibly easy to access all books and audiobooks. There’s even a timer option so you can fall asleep listening to your book and have it pause after thirty minutes.

I’m hooked

I’m hooked! I only wish I knew how to work this long ago. All I did was call Gwinnett library and the librarian walked me though it!! No more CDs that are covered with scratches from people mishandling the CDs . I listen for hours! it’s so much fun and easy too! If this grandma can do it.....

The Hiding Place

Not downloading to my Kindle!


Libby is a great blessing!

Jams, no-loads...

Not fun. Magazines don’t load.

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